Please update your WordPress installation

I know, I’ve complained about this issue a number of times already, but can’t resist doing it one more time. While the modern apps are great and awesome in so many different aspects, their permanent need in updating while you use them is not cool. For instance, a toast message in Spotify telling me that “this new version can be yours, just restart” sucks. Honestly, I don’t care about your amazing new features, increased stability and improved performance. I just want to listen to my music and do not think about anything else. In a week or so I’ll maybe close your app to open it a couple of days later. Why on Earth can’t you wait till I do so myself? Really, these updates are everybloodywhere now.

And you know who’s the king of them? Apple, as usual. After updating to iOS 9 I really think that the most important feature they’d introduced was an alert forcing you to update to every crappy-minor-hey-we-have-new-emoji release that pops up every goddamn day. Boys, when I pick up my smartphone, I do so to interact with it. I need in in now and I’m not ready to leave it updating for half an hour.

And thanks, it’s already slow enough.

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